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What is Iridology and what is the iridologist looking for?

The iris is remarkable in yielding information and recording any injuries or surgeries, as well as colour changes that can indicate acute or chronic disease states affecting different body systems. Iridology is something that provides an overview of our inherited constitution and the level of tension that a person is holding inside. Many of us may appear cool, calm and relaxed on the outside and an iris can tell us if this is also the case on the inside or whether your body is riddled with muscular tension and unreleased emotions. Iridology provides an overview of signs which can lead the iridologist to making an assumption about possible associated conditions from the picture presented and if warranted they can then order specific tests to confirm these suspicions. A bluish coloured ring around the outside of the iris which may indicate iron deficiency. When we see a white wash over a certain area, this is indicative of acute inflammation or hyper states… Where the body is attempting to repair itself and mobilising its resources to enable that to happen.  The darker colours varying from yellow (subacute), brown (chronic) and black (destructive) which indicate more chronic issues that have remained for a prolonged period of time. This is why the iridologist needs to combine iridology with thorough case history taking to determine the best possible course of treatment.

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