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Weight Loss V Fat Loss

Weight loss verses fat foss Weight loss can be very deceptive, do you want to lose fat or just weight. This sounds like a very easy question, however if you don't plan to lose fat and follow a specific nutritional supported plan you do just losing weight and this...

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Low Carb option at McDonald’s

Here is the low carb option of a McDonald's burger. Although generally fast food is not good for us however living in a fast paced modern world means most people find it difficult to not break out due to the availability and convenience of fast foods. The secret is to...

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How to eat healthy at McDonald’s

How to eat healthy at McDonald's Tip for eating out and reducing your carbohydrate intake look for the carbs in your meals and ask for them to be changed. for example see below you can deselect the bun at McDonald's and replace it with...

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Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season Its cold and flu season again, did you know that herbal medicine can make a difference. I can make a personalised herbal mixture that is recommended in relation the symptoms. The mix will be different for everyone. This may boost immunity and...

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You Don’t have to live with PCOS

You Don't have to live with PCOS Polycystic ovary syndrome - PCOS Hormonal imbalance can cause many health problems in women and men. Many people do not know that your diet and lifestyle can be the main cause of hormonal imbalance and by making changes the results can...

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