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Verdure Naturopathy

At Verdure Naturopathy we assist you to reach your health & wellness goals, we specialise in chronic disease management and weight loss.
Our health is a gift and it is with good health that we can remain active and reach our dreams. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live well and as healthy & active as possible.
Your ability to achieve optimal health is dependant on many factors, like:

  • Age
  • Current health status
  • Committment to achieve your goal

We will help you to maintain optimal health and wellbeing by providing you with knowledge to make decisions that empower you to make good health choices.
Naturopathy is complimentary to other modern medicine and does not aim to replace other health practitioners but rather to equip you with knowledge to give your body the ability to restore balance leading to optimal health and well being.

At Verdure Naturopathy we offer:

  • Comprehensive natropathic assessment
  • A full personalised herbal dispensary
  • Iridology
  • Detox program
  • Skin allergy testing
  • Food intolarance assessment
  • Ultalite weight loss program and much more.

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I feel special my client gave me a present how beautiful!
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Verdure Naturopathy
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Some Facts about Digestion.
Did you know that 95% of our serotonin is produced in our gut, and 80% of our immune system is located in our gut. So it makes perfect sense that if we have good digestion we will be healthier and happier!
So with that in mind here some ways to improve your gut health:
1. Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables
These are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals and are often bitter in taste. The bitter taste stimulates the release enzymes and bile. These are essential in the breakdown of fats and proteins.

2. Include probiotic foods in your diet, probiotics are good bacteria that your gut needs to be able to digest the food you eat properly. Probiotic foods are foods that are fermented, these foods include fermented vegetables, kombucha, yogurt, cheese and much many, more. When it comes to probiotics you should look for a quality product, for example a yoghurt that has been highly processed with added sugar and fruit concentrate is not a good option. Look for the pot set or Greek yoghurt with out sugar, add a small amount of honey to sweeten if required.

3. Combine the right foods to optimise digestion, this is easy to manage by following the following rules.

• Eat fruit alone: fruit digest its self and passes thought your gut fairly quickly. You will avoid fermentation in the gut of fruit which can lead to bloating, wind and reduced energy if you simply eat your fruit on its one.
• Eat Starches with vegetables not protein: as starches require different enzymes to proteins to digest. So eat your potatoes, rices or sweet corn alone or either with other vegetables to improve digestion.
• Avoid eating Protein with starches: Proteins and starches require different enzymes and will neutrilize each other when eaten together preventing efficient digestion.
• Try having apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in water 20 minutes before a meal to aid digestion, the results will amaze you!
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